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In the surroundings you will find some interesting excursions to do

At the Coyuca river you find wild nature and jungle. Johnny Weissmüller performed here his Tarzan. We recommend a romantic boat tour to the river and for the sunset, visit the spot where ocean and lagune join during the rainy season.

El Rey del Rio
Barra de Coyuca
La Barra de Coyuca
Fischen am Fluss
Einheimischer Fischer
Spass am Boot mit Mezcal
Der Fluss
wakeboard in der Lagune
Blick auf die Lagune
laguna de coyuca
Pelikane sammeln sich
Bei Aldegundo
pelicano en la isla
Wasserschi mit Lehrer
Schnellboote an der Lagune

In Pie de la Cuesta, you can rent highspeed motorboats for skiing or wakeboard and jetski. The 17 KM long and

8 KM large Lagoon is very close to Hotel Gilda and one of the major Biotopes north of Acapulco. It is the home of many birds and fishes, nature is still relatively pure here. Visit the birds island and stop at "Aldegundo's" restaurant for a Mezcal.

Acapulco is located just 30 min away . At the famous cliff La Quebrada, divers exhibit their art and dive more than 30 meters into the ocean up to 5 times a day. Go to the old harbor, or the modern hotel zone ,there is always something going on. Tropical Nights until dawn and shopping days in the typical markets or elegant malls . In Acapulco bay opposite the island of La Roqueta is a relatively unspoiled reef with a variety of tropical fish. Diving clubs take you there by boat.

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