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This is your home, enjoy it

A lovely hideaway on the mexican pacific ocean.

You are invited to enjoy tranquility and the exquisite atmosphere, decorated with works of art. 
Bring a book you can leave, then read another one that is here, bring also your pet. For family entertainment there are

board games and a volley ball.

Our dog "Hundsi" takes care of our guests and home and is good company for walks on the beach. If you prefer cats,there is "Mutzi" our kitten the older sister of the dog. Enjoy a multitude of birds, dolphins and whales in addition to the most beautiful sunsets in Mexico. Sea turtles come to nest on our beach right in front of the house. 48 days later the baby turtles leave the nest, we defend them against predators (humans, dogs, birds, crabs), collect the hatchlings and a few days later, a moonlit night, set them free in the sea.Since my student days in Mexico I know many Mexican artists.

One Christmas Alejandro Pizarro and Carlos Ramirez painted a mural in our garden on the beach.
During the rainy season there are very picturesque environments.

Romantisches Menu
Kitschiger Sonnenuntergang
Mondnacht am Strand
Hundsi auf der Pirsch
Schildkröte im Nest
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